Early Child Education Department

Early Childhood Education Department is composed of the Pre-school Department (Nursery, Kindergarten, Junior Prep, and Senior Prep), 1st Grade, and 2nd Grade.


Early Childhood Education Department’s curriculum is patterned after Pennsylvania Standards. Below are the academic programs for the Early Childhood Education Department:

Thematic Studies is a combination of Science and Social Living and Global Education (SLGE). At an early age, the pupils are introduced to the basic concepts of Botany, Zoology, and Geography. The program includes purposeful exploration of nature, the study of plant and animal life, and the relationship of man to his environment.

Introduction to numbers, understanding quantity, and symbols, introduction to tens, decimal system, and the basic mathematical operations. Through repeated work with various didactic materials, the child is enabled to learn concrete concepts before grasping abstract conceptions.

Language is an integral part of the programme through the encouragement of self-expression. Programme includes pre-reading exercises such as enhancing attention to and use of words in everyday speaking, vocabulary building, writing, and reading.


Mostly music/rhythm and movement that a typical NKP child enjoys. They are exposed to different sounds (man-made and musical develop their aesthetic sense and have a better appreciation of their culture and of the world.


Aims to surface the artistic skills of each child. Children are exposed to the art mediums and are encouraged to develop their own forms of expression. This is also directed to the development of fine motor skills and coordination.

Physical Education

Aims to enhance gross motor skills and coordination through structured and unstructured activities. Activities also enhance the values of “team playing” and “group effort”.

Through Bible Stories, each child is made to be aware of his Creator and His commandments. It aims to instill and develop a strong foundation in the moral and spiritual life of each individual. It also aims to mold each student as an individual who is God-centered and perceives life from a better angle.

** Each religion and belief is respected, as this is an optional class.