WellnessDay: Nurse Cor Gainza

Balancing the responsibilities of being a school nurse, and a mom, and finding time for exercise can be challenging, but with careful planning and organization, it is possible. Remember, finding the right balance is a continuous process, and it’s okay to make adjustments as needed. Be kind to yourself and recognize that achieving perfect balance […]

GratiTuesday: Masilang Family

Gratitude fills our home with warmth and joy. In each shared moment, laughter, and even challenges, we find reasons to be thankful. Family is the heart of our happiness, and we’re grateful for the love that binds us together. Today, we express our deepest thanks for the gift of family. In this season of gratitude, […]

WellnessDay:Juliana Czarina & Julia Celestine R. Bagui

Our parents enrolled us in swimming lessons last summer. The first few sessions were a blast; we were really excited and were definitely having fun. But afterward, we started to feel our muscles getting sore, and we eventually got tired. We thought of stopping, but our parents pushed us to move more and keep going. […]

GratiTuesday: Chan Family

“We deeply appreciate having our kids in good health, and witnessing their growth is the most significant and fulfilling journey for us. As proud parents of three, cherishing meaningful moments with our children is priceless. We extend our gratitude to SSIS for guiding Miggy and Anya, as your support significantly contributes to shaping their wisdom, […]