GratiTuesday: Perez Family

The Valiant Knights Family of Learners and Achievers continue to show gratitude for the continuing blessings they receive in these difficult times. We would like to thank Mr. and Mrs. Perez for allowing us to share their Gratitude stories. May you always be blessed and may you always be safe and healthy! Mabuhay and Quant Je Puis!

“We are beyond grateful that in these difficult times, our kids are still given the opportunity to achieve their goal of learning through the strategic implementations of the VOLT program.

Despite the challenges of the online setup, we are truly amazed at how our children adjusted and managed to do well in their virtual classes. We are glad that the SSIS community has a strong positive spirit in making quality education possible amidst the pandemic.

Thank you Stonyhurst Batangas!”

 -Mr. and Mrs. Perez

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