Monday My Day: Charlize Virginia Alegre

Charlie misses being in the presence of her classmates and teachers. She speaks fondly of her memories of classroom activities, chatter with friends, and playtime after classes

There is simply no substitute for the face-to-face learning sessions and social interaction that a traditional classroom setting provides. But this pandemic has forced all of us towards an abrupt shift to digital transformation, and the changes that we needed to accept and adapt to are nowhere near easy. Fortunately, SSIS has made that digital transition convenient and manageable.
The VOLT program has made remote learning enjoyable for Charlie and helpful to us parents who are also adjusting to this new normal in the education system. The program structure is conducive to evolving trends in virtual classrooms, and I’m glad that Charlie is getting familiar with the technology that will surely shape the future of academics.
Thank you, SSIS-B, for making the adjustments bearable for both students and parents. Thank you for your continued efforts to make learning interesting and fun for the students. Thank you for keeping your ears and minds open to the plight of parents, for giving due consideration to our feedback.  And lastly, for remaining true to your commitment to excellent academic and values education.
Congratulations for all the hard work of SSIS-B. Mabuhay! Quant je Puis!
-Miss Armistice Alegre

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