Monday My Day: William Alhinho

We’re on our 6th Week of V.O.L.T. Classes Valiant Knights! Let’s open this week with some inspiration from the parents of one of our Little Valiant Knights, 2nd Grade William Alhinho who, continues to show grit by his resilience in facing the challenges of online learning. Thank you for reminding us William that we can achieve all our goals when we consistently do our best despite difficulties. Keep it up and may you sustain your commitment to achieve throughout the year.

The past two years have brought about drastic changes to most if not all of us. Every day was lived in duress, in endurance, and in the hope of healing. But time and again, we strive to see the silver lining – and for William, that was through V.O.L.T., and the collaborative bonds that persisted. Ultimately, we are grateful for the sense of discipline, respect for house rules, and the heightened impulse control that this endeavor has gifted him. Even more so than the academics, V.O.L.T. has highlighted for him the value of resilience, of persevering despite the unexpected, and coping with a proactive mindset and an insightful, understanding heart.

– Mr. and Mrs. Guilherme Alhinho

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