WellnessDay: Daniella Katelyn M. Caballero

Balancing school and my hobbies is a very tough art to master as a grade-schooler but over time I have learned how to juggle with the pressure. The life of a grade-school student is demanding given all the deadlines that must be accomplished, performance tasks, and exams. But despite the huge number of requirements and other commitments, I can accomplish everything given the immovable deadlines. I have learned to strike a balance between academics and extra-curricular activities like learning violin and dance practices because I know how to draw a good time management plan. Being realistic about the time I allot to my other activities without neglecting my studies allows me to do good in school while still pursuing my passions outside of the classroom.  

Academics itself can be stressful, find a hobby that you can truly enjoy and be passionate about. I consider myself an individual with many interests and hobbies including badminton, swimming volleyball, and taekwondo. These activities give me new learnings and experiences that keep me busy and productive in life. 

Overall, I am grateful to have learned so many hobbies that give me fulfillment and excitement. It has become an integral part of who I am and gives me satisfaction in my life. Nevertheless, I would still love to immerse myself in new activities that would alleviate the stress of everyday life. 

-Daniella Katelyn M. Caballero

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