Carl Adrian “Ady” P. Castueras, an Alumknight and Valedictorian of SSIS batch 2011 make another remarkable achievement by graduating Cum Laude in University of the Philippines-Los Baños (UPLB) last July 4, 2015.

Passing UP is already something to be proud of and graduating with honors in Bachelor of Science in Computer Science is simply brilliant. Ady’s brilliant mind is nevertheless a strength, but it is the strength of character that propels him to excel in all of his endeavors. His determination was tried and tested from his early years due to a health condition – the Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy that limited his movement to a wheelchair. But his world and his words extend to that of the wheelchair into which he is confined, reaching far greater heights than an able person can. Ady, in his basic education years, never backed out of a challenge. He went where everybody dared to go – field trips and competitions alike. He was the unifying force that kept his classmates’ feet on the ground. Ady’s thirst to complete his education and his passion for success was contagious – it infected his colleagues and the people around him. Ady’s support group included his family, friends, and classmates. It also helped that he grew up in the SSIS community where everyone – with or without disabilities is allowed to flourish. Congratulations, Ady! Your SSIS family is very proud of you. (Ady’s feat caught the attention of the media and he was featured in

You may read about him in the following link: 07/06/15/look-man-rare-illness-graduates-cum-laude-los-banos)

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