My teacher, my hero. Teachers couldn’t help but feel appreciated and treasured during the SSIS celebration of World Teacher’s Day on October 2. Aside from the gifts, mementos, and greetings that they received, it was the Student Council’s program that really melted their hearts.

In the program, all the students were gathered in the hall. Sam Babao led the invocation and after that, Sir AC welcomed everyone. He thanked the teachers “for everything”. The Grade school teachers were called up to the stage to receive their giant cards and to watch an audio-video presentation (AVP). RJ Villamor sang “Hero” for the teachers, and Nicola Caparas, President of the Grade School Student Council gave her a message of thanks.

Ayet Triste and Bridget Lapuz also expressed their gratitude by singing “Thank you for loving me”, and that was when the surprise began. Boys and girls rose up from their seats, got some flowers, and asked their teachers to dance on stage. Students cheered and sang for their teachers, in a way that really made them feel special.

High school teachers were also brought up the stage for their cards and the AVP. Members of the Grade School Band Club serenaded the teachers with the symbolic song “Titanium”. Toward the end of the program, Andrea Macaraig, President of the High School Student Council read her speech, emphasizing that “to the world, you may just be a teacher, but for us, you are a hero.”

Tr. Maris gave the closing remarks and encouraged the teachers to have their pictures taken at the Photo Booth laid out by the Council Officers. All throughout the event, Cass Anwar and Ayet Triste, masters of ceremony, continued to pump up the audience with their inexhaustible energy.

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