The Valiant Knights’ love for reading has once again paved way to numerous awards in this year’s Scholastic Readers’ Cup. First off, the school won the First Place – Synergy Award together with SSIS Malarayat. This is the second year that the SSIS Schools had received this award. This award is for the Emerald Category or schools that have a population of 300-499 students. SSIS had garnered the highest average number of books read last academic year with 132 books per student. The school also received a Third Place finish in the Emerald Category after SSIS Batangas garnered the third highest average of books read for schools nationwide with a population of 300-499, with an average of 135 books per student last academic year. Lastly, the school also received a Special Award as 100% of the students from Grades 1-10 were able to read the Scholastic target of 40 books in one academic year. Congratulations to all the Valiant Knights from Grades 1-10 of AY 2018-2019 and the Library Teachers, Debbie Almarez, Sharmaine Kristine Ginete, Geneca Barola, Angel Gabriel Cuaresma, Christelle Aya, Alaiza Joice Guinihin, Rosa Jealyn Manalo, and Cheyenne Rose Buitizon along with Dr. Raquel Plata, Scholastic Literacy Program Coordinator, and Ms. Joy Ramirez, last year’s School Librarian!

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