BIG Congratulations to the Stonyhurst Batangas Faculty & Staff for winning the GOLD-PAR EXCELLANCE AWARD in the 2019 SGEN FSAM Christmas Presentation! Great job everyone for an EXCELLENT job! WE HAD ONCE AGAIN CLINCHED THE CHAMPIONSHIP PRIZE after 6 consecutive years of placing Third and Second Place finishes in this annual competition! Special thanks to the following:

Emily E. Cabasis-YlaganRushel Beraña MasilangAngel CuaresmaXyryll De LeonAndrei Irwin Maghirang and DJ Joseph of 99.1 Spirit FM for the voice recording and final editing of our soundtrack.
KingPaul AutorAloysius EvangelistaJune Alexes Torres Conti for the video used in the production.
Marietta CandorSharlyn M. AsajarXyryll De LeonAngel CuaresmaMarie Angelica Vidal-WaganAya Mendoza Aya, and Ythan Escamillas for the choreography of the different acts of the presentation.
Rhea BenedictoDebbie Blanco – GertesCarmelle Faye MontalboAya Mendoza AyaBasha MillaveJoice De Castro GuinihinMariz Oesman, Noreen Acebo, Rona Mae Parale Cueto for doing the make-up of all the performers.
Aloysius EvangelistaJune Alexes Torres Conti, Kuya Gonzales Jaypee for taking care of and supervising the lights, sounds, and video requirements during the presentation.
Aileen Rose ArenasDulce A. GondaNerissa Pagsinuhin-De GuzmanAnne Rosales Cortez for looking after all the logistical needs of the presentation.
Haydee Fetalver Cueto for helping in the costume and props needs of the production.
Sir Jhun Lerry M. Tayan for his cameo role in the presentation and for representing Stonyhurst Batangas in the hosting of the program.
Nerissa Pagsinuhin-De Guzman for helping out the SGEN HR Department in the carrying-out of tasks during the program.
EVERYONE for exerting effort in preparing their costumes, props, and in attending the rehearsals despite their busy schedule and numerous tasks that need to be done.

Let this win inspire all of us to continue working as a team so that we can sustain the work that we do in making a difference in the lives of the Valiant Knights that we all love. QUANT JE PUIS!


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