Stonyhurst Southville International School – Batangas City Campus is ready to deliver the best learning experience in AI-ICT & Robotics!
As we prepare for the opening of the new academic year, we make sure that we provide the best services for the Valiant Knights as they go through another year of the Virtual Online Learning and Teaching (V.O.L.T.) Program. Thus, we made sure that our AI-ICT & Robotics teachers are equipped with the skills to facilitate learning and achievement in the virtual classroom.

Congratulations to our Subject Area Head for the AI-ICT Subject, MS. MARIE ANGELICA V. WAGAN and our AI-ICT-Robotics Teachers namely MR. ALVIN T. MIRASOL, MS. JHUDY VILLAFUERTE, and MS. COLLEEN BACARRO for finishing the VEX VR Robotics course and receiving their certifications from the VEX Professional Development of Innovation First International (IFI) from the US.

With this certification, the Valiant Knights will surely be led to grow and achieve in their AI-ICT & Robotics skills. God bless you and more power to you!

See you soon Valiant Knights! We have been missing you so much! Mabuhay and Quant Je Puis!


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