WellnessDay:Juliana Czarina & Julia Celestine R. Bagui

Our parents enrolled us in swimming lessons last summer. The first few sessions were a blast; we were really excited and were definitely having fun. But afterward, we started to feel our muscles getting sore, and we eventually got tired. We thought of stopping, but our parents pushed us to move more and keep going. True enough, our bodies got used to swimming, and it became part of our weekly routine. To be healthy is a decision one has to make for himself. It is never easy because discipline and hard work are needed.

Swimming likewise became a venue for us to make new friends. It’s a chance we took to step back from schoolwork, relax our minds, and lessen our time spent using gadgets. We were able to eat more and sleep better. It also made us learn the value of sportsmanship and teamwork. Swimming, as with other sports, helps us take care of both our physical and mental health. Moreover, it opened us new opportunities for self-growth, confidence, and holistic development.”

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