What sets the difference between a Valiant Knight from any other student is the desire to achieve great things despite odds and boundaries.
The rendition of Maria Francine Margerett Comia and Kaye Sarmiento with the guitar accompaniment by Cedryck Glendale Gerald Guda of the French song, “Ton Visage” captivated the heart of the crowd which led the team to bag First Runner-Up in the French Category of the 15th Annual Song Festival of the Lyceum of the Philippines University, Manila last April 10.

The song “Ton Visage” which literally translates to forgetting your distant face encapsulates the idea of moving on and appreciating the beauty of what comes ahead. Thus, Kaye, Shane, and Cedryck proved that learning a foreign language and applying what you’ve learned will encourage you to look at the beauty of possibilities.
Meanwhile, these students were mentored and taught passionately by Miss Jana Kaalim, the French teacher of SSIS.

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