GratiTuesday: Abanto Family

“Watching our daughter grow from a distance, being away scares us. It is a cliche but leaving her was the hardest decision we’ve ever made. God knows how exhausted every option we have just to be together but FAITH made us appreciate what we have and let go of what we lack. Life will never be perfect but still, it is beautiful. We are trusting the process and we are letting God guide us along this rough patch. We believe we can do this together as a family and after this phase, we’ll all be better, complete, and prosperous.
We are grateful as Alex sees how fortunate she is to have people around her gaining the chance to create memories and love her the best they can.
To our SSIS Family, all your efforts are translating to obvious improvements in our child. Our gratitude is unending, both now and always.
To our daughter Alex Margot, remember that your Dad and Mom always make decisions with the best intentions for our little family. You are very much loved.”

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