GratiTuesday: Arellano Family

“The Great Outdoors” 

Breaking free from the constraints of the Manila lockdown and establishing a permanent residence in  Batangas fills our hearts with profound gratitude, allowing us to rekindle our connection with nature.  The dance of swaying trees, the vast open skies, and the encompassing embrace of the great outdoors rekindle a sense of gratitude that makes us feel more alive. Our children are captivated by the simple yet profound beauty that surrounds them each day, and this realization strikes them with the awareness that, while constantly glued to screens, they miss out on something truly spectacular: the wonders of the real world. 

While it’s widely acknowledged that SSIS offers exceptional education, the presence of the football field and the abundant rows of trees creates an environment conducive to a well-rounded and holistic learning experience. Its strategic location outside the city’s traffic ensures not only convenient and swift commutes but also spares my daughter from exposure to air pollution.

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