A successful businesswoman, a former councilor, a mayor’s spouse, a loving parent and more – this is how Ms. Eloisa De Loyola Portugal is perceived by the High School students who were her audience in the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Forum on October 1, 2014.

The content of her talk was more on managing the businesses she owns – MAPTAN and MARVIC (coined from the names of her children Maan, Renren, and Vicvic). She advised the children on getting legal counsel on a retainer basis so that when problems arise they are immediately addressed. She also told the children to hire people who would love the business properties as their own. The most rewarding part of being a businesswoman for her is when she is able to put money into her children’s bank account to secure their future needs. Young as they are, her children are exposed to the businesses. Maan, for instance, works for the trucking service every summer by encoding the documents for billing purposes.

Ms. Portugal had this unique rapport with the students who bombarded her with questions such as what is the most challenging part of the business and how you manage several employees in your trucking business. To these questions, she gave flawless answers. The students really learned a lot in her brief but meaty talk.

Once again, the best-dressed students were awarded. The Best in Corporate Suit for the male is Cyrus Van Marabe and the Best in Corporate Dress is Andrea Loise F. Macaraig.

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