Fabulous, Feminine, and Fearless. Gorgeous, Brilliant… You will run out of adjectives to describe Samantha Nicole L. Babao. It is as if when it rained blessings, she got most of it – beauty, intelligence, talent. This time, she was able to fully use her gifts to win the crown for SSIS Batangas in the Miss TEEN SGEN Pageant held at SISC on September 28, 2015.

Sam was definitely a head-turner. Every time she walked the stage, be it in her sportswear, national costume (Miss Indonesia), or evening gown, all eyes followed her move, amazed by how graceful she carried herself. She also captivated the audience with quick wit. When asked if she believes in the results of social media voting, she answered “Use of social media is actually good. This is because we are promoting the right of every citizen, the right to freedom, and the right to choose, and it is through social media that we are able to express our opinions, our preferences, and therefore I believe that it is just and right that we use social media for different polls in different TV shows.”

Sam really deserves the crown, because along with it, she took home the honor for all the Valiant Knights!

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