From 44% of participation from last week, Online Distance Learning (ODL) leaped to an average of 79% this week, showing that Valiant Knights, mentors, parents, and guardians are steadfastly working hard and having an unwavering commitment to delivering quality education in all circumstances. Like so many who’ve found themselves on the frontlines, teachers are being impacted by the pandemic — and the community’s associated anxieties — in all kinds of unprecedented ways. That being said, they have still continuously and diligently held classes online, assigned workload, and given feedback to the students. Equally commendable are our Valiant Knights who also adjusted very well to the current situation and did not only keep up with their responsibilities but also found it in their hearts to enjoy this new learning experience. And of course, a huge part of the reason they were able to do so is that they were guided by their parents and/or guardians who, despite their busy schedules, still did their part to make the circumstances work, AND WORK, IT DID! Grit, cooperation, and passion for learning had brought us here, and we can only hope that we could continue this increasing trend in engagement on everybody’s part in the weeks to come. Let’s all stay strong. Quant Je Puis!,/p>

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