GratiTuesday: Teacher Rem Festijo


Perhaps love led me to SSIS-B, and I will always be grateful for allowing me to know what it’s like to be loved. From being a former principal secretary to becoming an adviser of Grade 2- Resourcefulness.

SSIS is truly my dream school to work in, beyond my excitement that it is an international school, other teachers I have known are always proud of the positive and healthy environment in this institution. As a younger me, I also wanted this school because of its distinctive uniform. Even though we are currently rehearsing our graduation ceremonies, I submitted my résumé. I was initially a little down when Miss Rissa called to tell me there was no vacancy for a teaching position, but she offered the position of principal secretary instead. I doubt if I’ll take the offer, but I know in my heart that I want to wait patiently until God places me where my heart desires. I accepted the offer and had an opportunity to experience office work. After a month, God granted my wish.

My heart was about to explode when Sir AC asked me if I wanted to pursue teaching and instructed me to complete my demonstration the following day. I was scared if I could do it, but I am eager to risk and accept the challenge. After numerous days, I signed my contract as a teacher, this is how God showed his love for me.

Being a new teacher at this institution, I fear everything, including how to handle the children, the parents, and other situations in my numerous classes. I made a lot of mistakes and began to doubt my abilities, but little did I realize that things started to get better when my other new teachers were helping me, and my heads from other subjects were always there to support me. They never hesitate to sit by my side and offer advice if I have questions. I realize how they showed their love for me.

My parents have always supported me in all I do, acting as my rock whenever I was worn out and needed to make tough choices. I can see how happy they are of both my small and big accomplishments, and they are always there to comfort me when I fail. Once more, I feel the love.

I will always be grateful for the love I have received from the people around me! I know it is the love that keeps me going.

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