WellnessDay: Amin, Areej Alaa

I struggled with the fear of public speaking throughout my junior high school years. When debates in English were held, my heart would drop. I would often seek solace in my own company, sleeping at the break of dawn and waking up at dusk. Though my nights would be spent productively studying or making progress in my hobbies, I decided I wanted to make my voice heard and get out of my comfort zone.

I began by joining the InTouch Broadcasting team and football varsity. These activities helped me develop collaboration, time management, and public speaking skills. During my first few classroom presentations, I found my hands getting colder and my voice getting caught in my throat. I solved this by rehearsing out loud the night prior, asking my friends to listen to me, and getting to know my audience. Through self-discipline, I slept at more humane times at night to feel more energized for my activities the next day.

Through these decisions, and after facing a myriad of unwritten hurdles, I have fostered myself to become someone confident and unafraid of being vulnerable on stage in front of a large crowd.

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