WellnessDay by Teacher Samuel A. Gabornes

When we hear about wellness, our mind would instantly tell us that it talks about a great balance of physical and mental well-being, but for me, this is not the case. My daily routine as a new teacher would just revolve around accomplishing my paperwork, teaching, and sleeping. This was true during my first two weeks of working in SSIS-B, but my body started to weaken and I felt like my energy was draining so fast, with that, I tried to find a way to improve my physical state. Every morning, I would wake up early so I could have my morning walk to school, this really helped me not just in improving my physical state but also in refreshing my mind every morning. The practice of having my morning walk every day allows me to have a good intake of fresh air and exercise, which is the key to my hashtag #Wellbeing.  #Wellness is the root of my will power.

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