In the 2017 Model United Nations Assembly held at the World Health Organization on February 11 & 12, SSIS Valiant Knights had a chance to participate in a simulation of the United Nations Congress together with other student delegates from other international schools.

The 16 valiant knights were distributed in different committees. This is to facilitate the flow of knowledge and exchange of ideas between the delegates. Prior to the conference, the delegates attended a briefing and orientation to prepare themselves for the task. They also did extensive research about their topic, covering the history of the issue, the nation’s stance on the issue and other nation’s stances on the issue.

The delegates learned to draft a resolution, make a speech, and also critique other nation’s resolution. Such outside-the-classroom experience deepened their understanding of the world’s critical issues and enable them to relate and debate with other delegates.

The students who joined MUNA are: Maria Cassandra Amparo, Annika Grace Asi, Samantha Nicole Babao, Fritz Dutchess Beloso, Maria Aitana Kassandra De Chavez, Katrina Garcia, Cardelyn Hernandez, Laura Patrice Lira, Hanah Alexandra Medrano, Francesca Nicole Trinidad, Jude Christian Virtudes, Zhyrine Ann Nicole Datinguinoo, Carla Lorraine Len Delas Alas, Nicolas Marcelle Dimaculangan, Regina Ebreo, and Paolo Fontanilla. They were guided by Ms. Joice Guinihin and Sir Jahzeal John Sevilla.
THE LEADERS’ CIRCLE. The MUNA delegates and their mentors celebrate a meaningful day of learning.

Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality. – Warren Bennis,/p>

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