It is amazing to think that we are about to end another academic year as a school community. Our 23rd year as a family has held so many significant and positive memories that made us appreciate the school and each other more even in the midst of challenging experiences that made us stronger and more importantly, inspired us to become better. With Recognition Day and Graduation Day just around the corner, we remember the commitment and dedication of the Valiant Knights to achieve. They again proved themselves to be an outstanding group of fine young people. I thank their teachers and mentors for all of their work with the students. It is indeed a privilege to be involved in the lives of young people. Academic Year 2018 – 2019 had seen us achieve a significant milestone in the history of the school as Stonyhurst Southville International School – Batangas City Campus has been cited by The Knowledge Tree Magazine as one of the Ten Best International Schools in the Philippines in its December 2018 issue. Truly, with steady strides in improving its curriculum, systems, and practices, Stonyhurst Batangas is legitimately a recognized world-class learning institution. With marked improvement in the SBA Scores and Scholastic Literacy Program Results from the Pre-Test to the Post Test, an increase in the number of students qualifying for honors, and a record number of winnings in international and national competitions outside the school to mention a few, we can say that there is indeed a reason to celebrate our twenty-third year as an institution. It was a “twentry-threefic” year as we witnessed once again the great potential that lies within our students—a potential, when nurtured and honed consistently, would stir the students to greater heights of excellence. Yes, we know our students can achieve and so our focus needs to be on honestly evaluating whether the experiences we provide create excellence for every student at their level. This will be an ongoing process in a changing world but it is what we must strive for. With that goal in mind we have determined the key initiatives that will take us “2-4ever” as a school and community in AY 2019-2020: 21st Century Teaching and Learning Focus Effective Partnership, Collaboration, and Communication with Families Building and Nurturing a Learning, Achieving, and Loving Community Values Formation for ALL Stakeholders I have very much enjoyed our partnership this year. Let it inspire us to explore further and create more opportunities for our students to work “from Achievement to Excellence”. I look forward to the challenges that await us in the next academic year and more importantly the great opportunities it will bring to help the school grow and develop some more. I pray you to have a safe and productive break and look forward to working with you all again in AY 2019-2020—our “2-4ever” Stonyhurst Batangas year! God Bless!

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